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Sunday, 27 October 2013

My saviours - for dry skin

These two products sent from heaven is my solution for dry skin.

Dry skin is constantly flaking so I purchased this exfoliator by The Body Shop
This Dirty Works moisture mask is perfect for my dull complexion and truly moisturises my skin.

If you're wondering whether you have dry skin these are a few indicators.
  • Flaking (especially annoying when wearing foundation)
  • Tightness
  • Dull complexion
  • and creases

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Natural Beauty Remedies

My mother always gave me little tips for beauty, I can't remember a lot but for some reason these always stayed with me

Egg yolk, rinse your hair with the white part of the egg yolk and it will feed your hair with protein

Put a little bit of bicarbonate soda on your toothbrush to whiten your teeth- it sounds a little cray, I know

Cucumber is good for skin left with dark marks and acne scars from acne

Baby powder can be used over oily make-up as translucent powder

And lastly habit- cold spoons- ever since I heard that they help with puffy eyes its become a habit for me to use them for this purpose

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

I have been incredibly MIA the past few weeks because of studies, exams and hours of art (I took up art as a subject).
Perhaps as soon as I get all of my art back I should do a post about it- I'll jot that one down in my notebook.
Truthfully I hadn't gone near my laptop and it had been sitting on my dining room table unnoticed for weeks.

but soon enough I will be able to sit down comfortably and blog something lovely

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell - I thought I'd do whoever is reading a favour

Go ahead and press play whilst reading ;)

Garnier BB Cream

I went out and found a promising BB cream- Garnier BBcream after my last foundation routine failed me

details of product:
It has a caption on the box that sais 'miracle skin perfector'
evens tone and boosts glow, smoothes fine lines, 24hr hydration, SPF UV protection
I got mine in light
contains vitamin C and mineral pigments


day 1: first try

The first time I squeezed some product onto my fingers I recognized the texture being smooth and silky, it has no paste, like a luxurious moisturiser.
Also it has a refreshing/fresh smell, unlike many other products I have used.
After applying I have noticed that it doesn't cover some impurities so I will need to use a concealer. also the glow effect does work which I need most of all because of my pale complexion, but I have soon noticed that the product does leave my teenage skin looking oily so I will be using translucent powder.
But instead of using the translucent powder and concealer for today I will see what it can do on its own.
Firstly, the oil effect has set and is no longer, other than that not much has changed- it does last though

My Favourite place to be

I am so fortunate to live near the sea <3

and they have a café

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Obsession of the month!

July obsession- Regina Spektor, What we saw from cheap seats

This album has definatly been an obsession of mine this entire month and most probably will be for a very long time ! My favourate song is Don't leave me Ne me quitte pas, definatly a morning song
I think I'll be doing many a favoure by urging some to give her a listen, she has other music but this is my fave album

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Being Body Confident

I absolutely love this lady and her youtube chanel sprinkleofglitter. She is an insperation to me.

This video in particular is my favourite because I am a very self-conciouse girl and it has been bothering me for a very long time, so I decided to watch this video again.

Louise has given me an idea to help me boost my self esteem, the fact is that I have been insulted plenty and instead of the compliments I've been given going round my head the insults do. So I have decided that when ever I get a compliment I will write it on a piece of paper using large brightly coloured lettering and stick it up on my wall so that I can 'cherish' them- as Louise puts it- and it will be easier to remember them and therefor easier to block out the insults not only said by other people but said by myself everytime I examine myself in a mirror.

After such a long time trying to figure out how not to be so down about myself sometimes I think I have finally figured it out.

I hope this helps you too, I've noticed that so many people have been reading my blog and I am so happy that I get to share abit of myself to all of you, and maby help you because as I think I've said in a blog before this I love helping people.


Saturday, 20 July 2013

When ever I look back at photo's taken of me I always seem to think wow what was my foundation routine because it looks so good, and I never seem to remember which tends to get anoying.
So I have decided that when ever I have a new foundation routine even if I think its not my best I will from now on secretly take a selfie using the webcam on my computer and record my foundation routine.
I might even put the photo and recording on this blog.
This is a good thing for me to do now because Im definatly not sticking to the foundation routine I wear at the moment, I'm one of those girls who has to go through thousands of products before sticking to one. It was this way with my 'face wash' routine (cleanse, wash, tone, moisturise) but I now have found my favourite that works perfectly for me and I do keep repurchasing - I hope the same will be the case with my foundation routine

And my favourite facail products is African Extracts- Rooibos- Purifying the 'blue'

Friday, 12 July 2013

I'm fairly new at blogging so if anyone would like to give a few tips feel free to.
I haven't decided yet what to blog about specificaly but we'll see what happens in the future but in this post I'll talk a little bit more about me.

Two days ago I met a lovely women and we started talking, she asked me what my hobbies are, not what I enjoy doing in general or what my interests are but a specific hobby such as coin collection or bike riding etc. I've never had a specific hobby and if she had asked me months earlier I wouldn't have been able to answer, but lately I find myself taking care of kids alot when I have the chance, there's a farm not far from where my mother works that is not very fortunate and they have sponsers that have helped builed a creche where I spend my time with the tiny children, I love these little kiddies and love playing, sometimes feeding and helping them with their alphabet and colouring in.
So I believe that I finally have a hobby.

I think having a hobby could be important, it sort of defines you and you'd never get bored <3

Thursday, 11 July 2013

If you are a sweet thirteen to fourteen year old girl who's trying to figure out how to wear foundation right, its really simple:

Foundation Routine

Do your usual wash tone moisturise, and twice a week exfoliate, which is extremely improtant for wearing foundation

Prime. You're probably not too sure what this is, priming can be as simple as using moisturiser but if you're seriouse about this grab a green looking product from the make up section and it will most probably say 'primer' or 'complextion perfector' on the container.

Foundation or tinted moisturiser. Now because of your age you may want to shy away from foundation because your skin is prone to acne and blackheads. If you're afraid of using a tinted moisturiser that isnt exactly your skin colour, you should be. Make sure you ask a female helper who works at the make up section to help you choose the correct colour. Its her job. She will most likely use a tester on your skin.

Translucent powder. This is just loose white powder, this is a life saver for oily skin, you apply this over your foundation where its there's a little shine. This product can also aid with 'ties', a tie is the line where your base looks completely different from your actual skin, usualy your neck.

and I think I left out only the most important part of your foundation routine - concealer, you apply this either before or after applying foundation on specific problem areas.
Be sure that your concealer matches the colour of your skin or foundation and DO NOT use concealer as a foundation, meaning it does not belong all over your face.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Chit Chat

Hello there, this will just be a little bit of a chit chat because I haven't blogged in a while. I'v decided to use a little font for abit of fun, it looks abit like a news papers font which makes it look important, but it isn't.
I decided to go ahead and buy myself a cheaper drug store foundation because it looked promising and I had lost my Elizabeth Arden foundation whilst at a male friends farm, the foundation I purchase is Rimmel London 25 hr lasting finish.
I'v had this foundation for about a week, that is in total seven days that I have worn it because I do wear base nearly everyday yet I still can't figure it out!
With Elizabeth Ardens I hardly needed a primer or technique, some days I needed some translusent powder for the shine but that is it, this foundation requires a primer and it doesnt seem to be working. I have to worry about streeks, flakes, caking and etc, It might be my skin type that is the cause. How frustrating.

These school holiday's have been extremely helpful on my stress levels, now I understand that we are young and we shouldn't really become stressed because apparantely we live a 'care free life' and have little to no resposibilities. Well that is not true, how can we not have a little anxiety when our future depends on who we are and what we do today, my future depends on me to have a successful high school career otherwise my plans will fail. School and studies are not easy either.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

This weekend I whent to Decorex (an decor expo) situated in Cape town, its similar to the desighn indaba I whent to  not long ago but has to do with more appliences for your home and home decor, I wish I had taken many photo's but my phone's battery had died and camera was stolen months ago. There was a smart car that was covered in grass (fake grass) to promote their eco-friendly car, I thought this was the most original and cool, I also saw a 3-d flat screen tv which I never though could be possible, there was a food court where we could try diffirent foods, I absolutely adore Camember and Bree and am fanatic about tee so I was really happy when there was an entire stand for my favourite cheese which I tried and was blown away, there was also a display for tee it was a display of a cute little blue and white carivan which was really pretty and a lady who served the most amazing tee, I noticed she had a technique to making the tee and it certainly paid of when I drank some Earl Grey wich some may find perfumy but I absolutely loved
All in all good time spent ;)
The baby is a little baby girl!
The mum got a scan, she is now three months pregnant, I can't wait to buy her little onsies and dresses.
I am so very excited and I cant wait for the 3 of November when my little baby neice arrives. Even though the mum is my cousin, we have been so close for years and she doesnt have any siblings we both feel that both my brother and I should have a better titel, I hope to be an amazing Aunt to this preciouse little girl..

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Maby the baby is the drastic change that I needed, the change I've been 'longing' for.
I now constintely have something to look forward to, not alot can bring me down because I am excited for the future which makes the present seem unimportant .
I feel like my life is in place.

So there's a baby on the way...

I found out that my cousin is pregnant the day before her 18th birthday!
My father told me calmly and cooly the drive to the ENT I had an appointment for, I cried the whole way, I'm not sure if the crying was general or if it was cause of the pill or other ladies stuff.
I don't remember much but I remember when my dad asked me why I was crying and I said that I was afraid for Jade and overwhelmed aswel,
I was just getting used to the fact that she moved in to her own house with her boyfriend... But all in all there is no doubt that I will love this baby to bits and pieces and I pray that I can be his or her Aunt instead of second cousin, we are practicaly like sisters and I already love this baby like a niece/nephew.
Even though this is all wrong, I've got a good feeling about this baby - that maby there will be no regrets

Sunday, 3 March 2013


Yesterday I decided to splash (spend lots of money on quality) because I have decided that I am worth that R250 base that has such a pretty box and works so very well instead of that R60 cheap stuff that leaves me with an oil factory.
I've decided that if I want something the quality has to be good no matter how long it takes before I get it.
I am investing in a R90 conditioner called Aussie, its new in South Africa and it is just amazing, it comes in a very..interesting bottle and its not one of those highly perfumed unecissary ones its actualy healthy and good for my type of damaged hair and I need a damage control so instead of going for the cheap shit Im going to splash on something that actually works.

And it smells really pretty <3 not too sweet

Im doing this because I need to fix my damaged self-esteem and practice my worthyness (damaged by others negitivity)

The base is Elizabeth Arden, its brilliant
I've started twitter which has been horrible and a pain in the butt until today when I got it on my blackberr. I'm having fun with all this modern social technology especially my blog because I enjoy writing so much and with the knowledge that someone might even see what I wrote excites me for some very unknown reason.
It excites me almost to the point where I might hand over my journal to someone I trust (not you Matthew ;)).
I don't know why I want to do this because I am very embarrasing in that journal but I want to. <3 being a blogger

Friday, 1 March 2013

The Sun Is Up. The Sky Is Blue. Its Beautiful. And So Are You. <3

You're worth everything

So I went to a Design Indaba which was so very amazing, all the top designers (including fashion) showcased their designs.. now Im not one of those fortunate girls who is able to wear proper good quality designer clothing.

I wasn't a spoilt child infact we weren't a wealthy family living with my mom but she always made me feel beautiful and would go to the ends of the earth to make sure I get what I deserve and to make me feel full of worth.

Just remember no matter who you are and what you do you are worth a good pair of shoes, infact you are worth alot. Trust me, it will keep you sane.

Keep loving yourself no matter who you are, wether you are a beautiful person or a psychopath.. you were born this way so embrace.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

And..I love it

Ohkay after just writting my first blog I realized that I love it and that I am most probably going to blog every single day of my mightget a little weird

New at this

I am new at blogging so this is going to be very interesting, I have no idea what Im going to blog about but I have an overactive imagination and alot of unique opinions, not that many people will agree with them but I suppose putting them out there will allow my brain to stop being so cramped and I might just feel alot better.
A little bit about myself..I think I might just be a little mad, I dont have any specific labels and I love tea.
Oh and because I called myself Wonderland does not mean Im a huge fan of AliceInWonderland but because I wonder about things quite alot :) and Im most probably going to blog about those wonders. I also absolutely love John Lennon not afraid to admit I love someone who got famouse in the 60's I think he is absolutely amazing especially the music he wrote and his madness.