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Thursday, 28 February 2013

And..I love it

Ohkay after just writting my first blog I realized that I love it and that I am most probably going to blog every single day of my mightget a little weird

New at this

I am new at blogging so this is going to be very interesting, I have no idea what Im going to blog about but I have an overactive imagination and alot of unique opinions, not that many people will agree with them but I suppose putting them out there will allow my brain to stop being so cramped and I might just feel alot better.
A little bit about myself..I think I might just be a little mad, I dont have any specific labels and I love tea.
Oh and because I called myself Wonderland does not mean Im a huge fan of AliceInWonderland but because I wonder about things quite alot :) and Im most probably going to blog about those wonders. I also absolutely love John Lennon not afraid to admit I love someone who got famouse in the 60's I think he is absolutely amazing especially the music he wrote and his madness.