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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Maby the baby is the drastic change that I needed, the change I've been 'longing' for.
I now constintely have something to look forward to, not alot can bring me down because I am excited for the future which makes the present seem unimportant .
I feel like my life is in place.

So there's a baby on the way...

I found out that my cousin is pregnant the day before her 18th birthday!
My father told me calmly and cooly the drive to the ENT I had an appointment for, I cried the whole way, I'm not sure if the crying was general or if it was cause of the pill or other ladies stuff.
I don't remember much but I remember when my dad asked me why I was crying and I said that I was afraid for Jade and overwhelmed aswel,
I was just getting used to the fact that she moved in to her own house with her boyfriend... But all in all there is no doubt that I will love this baby to bits and pieces and I pray that I can be his or her Aunt instead of second cousin, we are practicaly like sisters and I already love this baby like a niece/nephew.
Even though this is all wrong, I've got a good feeling about this baby - that maby there will be no regrets

Sunday, 3 March 2013


Yesterday I decided to splash (spend lots of money on quality) because I have decided that I am worth that R250 base that has such a pretty box and works so very well instead of that R60 cheap stuff that leaves me with an oil factory.
I've decided that if I want something the quality has to be good no matter how long it takes before I get it.
I am investing in a R90 conditioner called Aussie, its new in South Africa and it is just amazing, it comes in a very..interesting bottle and its not one of those highly perfumed unecissary ones its actualy healthy and good for my type of damaged hair and I need a damage control so instead of going for the cheap shit Im going to splash on something that actually works.

And it smells really pretty <3 not too sweet

Im doing this because I need to fix my damaged self-esteem and practice my worthyness (damaged by others negitivity)

The base is Elizabeth Arden, its brilliant
I've started twitter which has been horrible and a pain in the butt until today when I got it on my blackberr. I'm having fun with all this modern social technology especially my blog because I enjoy writing so much and with the knowledge that someone might even see what I wrote excites me for some very unknown reason.
It excites me almost to the point where I might hand over my journal to someone I trust (not you Matthew ;)).
I don't know why I want to do this because I am very embarrasing in that journal but I want to. <3 being a blogger

Friday, 1 March 2013

The Sun Is Up. The Sky Is Blue. Its Beautiful. And So Are You. <3

You're worth everything

So I went to a Design Indaba which was so very amazing, all the top designers (including fashion) showcased their designs.. now Im not one of those fortunate girls who is able to wear proper good quality designer clothing.

I wasn't a spoilt child infact we weren't a wealthy family living with my mom but she always made me feel beautiful and would go to the ends of the earth to make sure I get what I deserve and to make me feel full of worth.

Just remember no matter who you are and what you do you are worth a good pair of shoes, infact you are worth alot. Trust me, it will keep you sane.

Keep loving yourself no matter who you are, wether you are a beautiful person or a psychopath.. you were born this way so embrace.