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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

So there's a baby on the way...

I found out that my cousin is pregnant the day before her 18th birthday!
My father told me calmly and cooly the drive to the ENT I had an appointment for, I cried the whole way, I'm not sure if the crying was general or if it was cause of the pill or other ladies stuff.
I don't remember much but I remember when my dad asked me why I was crying and I said that I was afraid for Jade and overwhelmed aswel,
I was just getting used to the fact that she moved in to her own house with her boyfriend... But all in all there is no doubt that I will love this baby to bits and pieces and I pray that I can be his or her Aunt instead of second cousin, we are practicaly like sisters and I already love this baby like a niece/nephew.
Even though this is all wrong, I've got a good feeling about this baby - that maby there will be no regrets

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