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Sunday, 3 March 2013


Yesterday I decided to splash (spend lots of money on quality) because I have decided that I am worth that R250 base that has such a pretty box and works so very well instead of that R60 cheap stuff that leaves me with an oil factory.
I've decided that if I want something the quality has to be good no matter how long it takes before I get it.
I am investing in a R90 conditioner called Aussie, its new in South Africa and it is just amazing, it comes in a very..interesting bottle and its not one of those highly perfumed unecissary ones its actualy healthy and good for my type of damaged hair and I need a damage control so instead of going for the cheap shit Im going to splash on something that actually works.

And it smells really pretty <3 not too sweet

Im doing this because I need to fix my damaged self-esteem and practice my worthyness (damaged by others negitivity)

The base is Elizabeth Arden, its brilliant

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