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Sunday, 28 April 2013

This weekend I whent to Decorex (an decor expo) situated in Cape town, its similar to the desighn indaba I whent to  not long ago but has to do with more appliences for your home and home decor, I wish I had taken many photo's but my phone's battery had died and camera was stolen months ago. There was a smart car that was covered in grass (fake grass) to promote their eco-friendly car, I thought this was the most original and cool, I also saw a 3-d flat screen tv which I never though could be possible, there was a food court where we could try diffirent foods, I absolutely adore Camember and Bree and am fanatic about tee so I was really happy when there was an entire stand for my favourite cheese which I tried and was blown away, there was also a display for tee it was a display of a cute little blue and white carivan which was really pretty and a lady who served the most amazing tee, I noticed she had a technique to making the tee and it certainly paid of when I drank some Earl Grey wich some may find perfumy but I absolutely loved
All in all good time spent ;)
The baby is a little baby girl!
The mum got a scan, she is now three months pregnant, I can't wait to buy her little onsies and dresses.
I am so very excited and I cant wait for the 3 of November when my little baby neice arrives. Even though the mum is my cousin, we have been so close for years and she doesnt have any siblings we both feel that both my brother and I should have a better titel, I hope to be an amazing Aunt to this preciouse little girl..