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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Being Body Confident

I absolutely love this lady and her youtube chanel sprinkleofglitter. She is an insperation to me.

This video in particular is my favourite because I am a very self-conciouse girl and it has been bothering me for a very long time, so I decided to watch this video again.

Louise has given me an idea to help me boost my self esteem, the fact is that I have been insulted plenty and instead of the compliments I've been given going round my head the insults do. So I have decided that when ever I get a compliment I will write it on a piece of paper using large brightly coloured lettering and stick it up on my wall so that I can 'cherish' them- as Louise puts it- and it will be easier to remember them and therefor easier to block out the insults not only said by other people but said by myself everytime I examine myself in a mirror.

After such a long time trying to figure out how not to be so down about myself sometimes I think I have finally figured it out.

I hope this helps you too, I've noticed that so many people have been reading my blog and I am so happy that I get to share abit of myself to all of you, and maby help you because as I think I've said in a blog before this I love helping people.


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  1. I loooove her too! Thanks for your comment, let's support each other. ;)