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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Chit Chat

Hello there, this will just be a little bit of a chit chat because I haven't blogged in a while. I'v decided to use a little font for abit of fun, it looks abit like a news papers font which makes it look important, but it isn't.
I decided to go ahead and buy myself a cheaper drug store foundation because it looked promising and I had lost my Elizabeth Arden foundation whilst at a male friends farm, the foundation I purchase is Rimmel London 25 hr lasting finish.
I'v had this foundation for about a week, that is in total seven days that I have worn it because I do wear base nearly everyday yet I still can't figure it out!
With Elizabeth Ardens I hardly needed a primer or technique, some days I needed some translusent powder for the shine but that is it, this foundation requires a primer and it doesnt seem to be working. I have to worry about streeks, flakes, caking and etc, It might be my skin type that is the cause. How frustrating.

These school holiday's have been extremely helpful on my stress levels, now I understand that we are young and we shouldn't really become stressed because apparantely we live a 'care free life' and have little to no resposibilities. Well that is not true, how can we not have a little anxiety when our future depends on who we are and what we do today, my future depends on me to have a successful high school career otherwise my plans will fail. School and studies are not easy either.

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