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Thursday, 11 July 2013

If you are a sweet thirteen to fourteen year old girl who's trying to figure out how to wear foundation right, its really simple:

Foundation Routine

Do your usual wash tone moisturise, and twice a week exfoliate, which is extremely improtant for wearing foundation

Prime. You're probably not too sure what this is, priming can be as simple as using moisturiser but if you're seriouse about this grab a green looking product from the make up section and it will most probably say 'primer' or 'complextion perfector' on the container.

Foundation or tinted moisturiser. Now because of your age you may want to shy away from foundation because your skin is prone to acne and blackheads. If you're afraid of using a tinted moisturiser that isnt exactly your skin colour, you should be. Make sure you ask a female helper who works at the make up section to help you choose the correct colour. Its her job. She will most likely use a tester on your skin.

Translucent powder. This is just loose white powder, this is a life saver for oily skin, you apply this over your foundation where its there's a little shine. This product can also aid with 'ties', a tie is the line where your base looks completely different from your actual skin, usualy your neck.

and I think I left out only the most important part of your foundation routine - concealer, you apply this either before or after applying foundation on specific problem areas.
Be sure that your concealer matches the colour of your skin or foundation and DO NOT use concealer as a foundation, meaning it does not belong all over your face.

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