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Friday, 12 July 2013

I'm fairly new at blogging so if anyone would like to give a few tips feel free to.
I haven't decided yet what to blog about specificaly but we'll see what happens in the future but in this post I'll talk a little bit more about me.

Two days ago I met a lovely women and we started talking, she asked me what my hobbies are, not what I enjoy doing in general or what my interests are but a specific hobby such as coin collection or bike riding etc. I've never had a specific hobby and if she had asked me months earlier I wouldn't have been able to answer, but lately I find myself taking care of kids alot when I have the chance, there's a farm not far from where my mother works that is not very fortunate and they have sponsers that have helped builed a creche where I spend my time with the tiny children, I love these little kiddies and love playing, sometimes feeding and helping them with their alphabet and colouring in.
So I believe that I finally have a hobby.

I think having a hobby could be important, it sort of defines you and you'd never get bored <3

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