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Saturday, 20 July 2013

When ever I look back at photo's taken of me I always seem to think wow what was my foundation routine because it looks so good, and I never seem to remember which tends to get anoying.
So I have decided that when ever I have a new foundation routine even if I think its not my best I will from now on secretly take a selfie using the webcam on my computer and record my foundation routine.
I might even put the photo and recording on this blog.
This is a good thing for me to do now because Im definatly not sticking to the foundation routine I wear at the moment, I'm one of those girls who has to go through thousands of products before sticking to one. It was this way with my 'face wash' routine (cleanse, wash, tone, moisturise) but I now have found my favourite that works perfectly for me and I do keep repurchasing - I hope the same will be the case with my foundation routine

And my favourite facail products is African Extracts- Rooibos- Purifying the 'blue'

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