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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Who are we really? Who are our individual selves?
Have you never wondered who you might be if you weren't influenced by what others may think of you and what seems to you as norm, when will we all be able to just breathe, without hiding behind our bedroom or apartment walls. When you are different, like me, and you'd like to be you without passing judgement or worrying whether others will realize how awkward you are in the end.
So this blog of mine has changed post by post, that's not because I am indicisive about my blog, but it is the reflection of how indicisive I am about my life.
Life is so short, short and sweet, I learnt that recently. Not only did the words of a girl in my class hit me like the bus of realization when she said that "Life is short, we could die tommorow" but also a dear family friend passed unexpectedly and incredibly sadly as he has three little children one twelve year old boy who I would imagine will soon become a troubled and rebeliouse teenager, he also has twins gorgeouse little children full of life and excitement.
So with this new realization, which I've been wanting to share with you as I hope it will help the odd reader, my life and my perception of life has changed.
And along with this "life is short, we could die tommorow" theory I say that we should just be. breath. stretch. think. overthink.

Whoever came up with the notion that overthinking is unhealthy may have been right but also may have been the most dull human being.

Learn, discover, stress, be careless, be carefull, who ever you'd like to be, be you.


  1. This made me sad but thoughtful too aha!
    My life motto is everything happens for a reason. I know it's hard to believe in fate, but I take it more so that whatever life throws at us there's something we can take out from it and learn from it.
    Keep smiling!
    Following you now - please keep in touch
    Andrea xxx

    1. Thank you so much, I'll definitely keep in touch