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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Am I vegetarian

Not entirely, when asked whether I'm vegetarian I tend to say no but I'm still well aware of the reasons behind vegetarianism and that it would probably be best to be a vegetarian, and I was vegetarian for a little while.
The problem is we are all human and it is in our nature to eat meat, in fact I could not get over the fact that it felt out of my nature not to eat meat so I stopped the process and carried on.
Eating meat is part of our diet, it is who we are, it is not unnatural to kill another beautiful creature in order to survive, but what is unnatural and sort of inhumane is that we kill and then eat another creature for enjoyment.

I'm not just talking about those terrible hunters who kill our rhino's or who go hunting deers with their guns, which does make me not want to be a human being, I'm talking about all  of us.
Yes, we are all deer killers, in our own context.
Myself included, who hasn't eaten Springbok biltong for the taste of it.
And I'm not judging anyone I know just as well as anyone how difficult it is to give in to our desires to consume.

"Recently we've been told that freedom is the freedom to fulfill our petty trivial desires but true freedom is freedom from those petty trivial desires" -Russel Brand

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Low self esteem issues of a blogger

So this will be another feelings post but I think that I need to express this because hundreds of other bloggers probably feel the same way.

I have been blogging for about one year and three months yet the only person I have told about my blog, that I know personally, is my mom and brother and I'm pretty sure they haven't read much of it, this is quite alarming as I absolutely love my blog, its like a child to me, yet I still can't pluck up the confidence to tell my friends about it, I didn't even tell my mom till two months ago, but that was simply because I wanted to blog freely without the knowledge that my mom could be disappointed in what I may have just said.

I also haven't put up a single photograph of myself, I'm not sure why because I have loads and I feel that it is important for you to see what I look like, I'm also dying to do a lookbook.

I also go weeks without posting anything, or leaving things in the drafts because I feel as though no one would want to read my content, even though I'd love to write about it I feel like people won't be as excited about whatever product or event I'm wanting to post.
I also have this itching feeling that I shouldn't post at all until I'm a bit older and I've got a bit more money.
Which is pretty stupid.

I have changed my blog hundreds of times, in a previous post I roughly explain why but I'm still not happy with my header or my name and I'm only finally happy with my background but I've got a feeling that that might soon change, I'm going to try to not change anything and just leave my blog as it is.

If you have any tips on how to be more blog confident please let me know xx

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Being me..

Here's a bit more word indulgence/feels/word vomit...

I often find that I have to put many a post in the old drafts, usually these post are either extremely embarrassing, offensive, or a bit too personal.
Usually on a late night, such as tonight, I find myself needing to write something.. with the full knowledge that I don't have content that you may appeal to you..
That is when I get all sentimental and just..write..without planning it all out, this is basically my personal diary and I've word vomited it all apon you which is pretty unfair.. call it hormones if you like, I just love writing about anything and everything. I'm a writer. And sometimes I mix up my blog with the novels I keep hidden in the corners of my laptop.

here's a daisy for you

And let me notify you that this post will soon be in the drafts

Friday, 11 April 2014

New obsession: Marina and the Diamonds

This must be at least the fourth post I have done on music, which is not often in blogs, but I cannot express to you in any other way how much I love music and when I discover a new 'love' as in song or artist I have to share this gorgeousity 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


- If I were one day to be famouse, I hope that this will be my most favourable advice, cleanse wash tone and moisturise not only your skin but your life, your body. It seems silly and basic but in the chaos of ones make-up, clothes and false nails one forgets.

Your daily carbs intake, when minused with dietry fibre, should always be 20grams.

Drink water

Be fussy

Be a pre-madonna

Know your worth

If your not happy, do something about it.

Take after these women: Vivien Leighs determination, Audrey Hepburns "Happy girls are the prettiest girls" and Elizabeth Ardens sass "Nothing that costs only a dollar is worth having"