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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Being me..

Here's a bit more word indulgence/feels/word vomit...

I often find that I have to put many a post in the old drafts, usually these post are either extremely embarrassing, offensive, or a bit too personal.
Usually on a late night, such as tonight, I find myself needing to write something.. with the full knowledge that I don't have content that you may appeal to you..
That is when I get all sentimental and just..write..without planning it all out, this is basically my personal diary and I've word vomited it all apon you which is pretty unfair.. call it hormones if you like, I just love writing about anything and everything. I'm a writer. And sometimes I mix up my blog with the novels I keep hidden in the corners of my laptop.

here's a daisy for you

And let me notify you that this post will soon be in the drafts

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