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Thursday, 9 October 2014

The deep diaries

My whole life I've had to keep composure and it's made me a stronger person.
But recently terrible things have happened, it seems one after the other in the space of three months,
two of which I'd had to bury deep down and not talk about.

I was in a state of limbo, to be honest I had no idea until I got out of it recently with the support of my family and now that I am I'm doing a post on it to help you.
Here is some advice and tips as to how I "woke up"
  • #talk Don't take after me - talk to anyone about what happened whether its a family member or a shrink - it's the simplest way to come to terms and make peace with what happend
  • #forgive Don't hold hate or resentment the only person it will bother is you, just accept what happened and people for who they are - as soon as you do this you will feel way better
  • #cry This is going against my principle but I think that having a good cry when nobody is around will help
Now that you've done that its time to move on..
  • #spring clean Spring cleaning my room has made me feel so much better, even though I was reluctant it was the first thing that made me feel better
  • #pamper yourself I had my prom/matric dance, so pampering myself was already necessary and it was the best thing I could have done to feel better and bring back my confidence
  • #go outside Get some sun, whichever, my family noticed that  I was spending a lot of time in my room and started to get worried, I was practically forced to leave my computer and it was the best thing they could have done for me 
Last but not least.. listen to some London Grammar

and "keep it together"

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  1. Hope you get better soon Caitlin! What helps a lot is eating cleaner, The good ol' saying you are what you eat is true :D

    Jennos Health.