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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Yes I am

Eight months ago I wrote about my thoughts on becoming vegetarian which was for becoming vegetarian but not entirely one sided, I guess that post reflected my year long decision as to whether I should become vegetarian and my year long change and implementation of views on eating meat.
Its a touchy subject and I hate it when I'm asked why I'm vegetarian because I hate offending people and the majority of the world eat meat as well as the majority of my friends and family, and when I do explain why I'm vegetarian I tend to sound offensive especially as my usual response is "Its cruel and unnecessary."
You'd never put much thought into what is on your plate especially while you are busy eating it, but once you do start to think about the entire process of creating meat it becomes increasingly difficult to comprehend that this is okay and it becomes even more difficult to actually eat it.

But enough said, it is a touchy subject, especially as the majority of you reading may not be vegetarian and personally I love you x