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Sunday, 22 February 2015

My recently favourite books

There is nothing like a good book or two..
I love this Vogue on Cocoa Chanel as I am a huge fan of her. This book will take you to a whole not her world that is glamorous and vintage not only talking about Chanels background and lifestyle but also providing us with quotes by her . I have received so much use full advice and I'm inspired by her poise and statements, it also explains how Chanel n.5 came about and describes the importance and uniqueness of this luxurious perfume personally if Chanel gave it a thumbs up so much so that it is her signature perfume and is still famous today after all these years being called timeless I'm defiantly wearing it.

In a previous post I mentioned my admiration for Russell Brand and that I couldn't wait for the day that I purchase his recently released book called Revolution. Well that day had come and I am thoroughly enjoying his unique perspective of the world inspiring my own spirituality and leaving my mind open to all opinions and inspiring me to look and think about the world in different and intricate ways. Revolution will definitely allow your mind to wonder and to question, I also admire his unique humour and can't get enough of his writing abilities and use of words.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Black nails. Yay or nay ?

They're kinda a mess I'm terrible at painting my nails.. definitely embracing the more "vampy" side of fashion I'm sure we all love the dark lips that everyone has been wearing lately but my judgement could be foggy so do let me know wether I should continue being seen in public with it. I suppose it depends what you're wearing as well the entire ensemble could really make or break  a black nail. I quite like the pattern that I am wearing now with black nails.
Let me know what you think xx

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Canal walk and my first vlog

So I've never done a vlog before but there is a first time for everything
The best thing about valentines day is that everything is on sale so I decided to do a little shopping at one of the biggest malls I have ever encountered also an incredibly beautiful one.
While I was browsing some smash box products I was invited to a event next weekend that will be promoting smash box where I'll have my make up done by professionals using smash box products there will be photos taken and I'll be blogging all about it, so excited!

If you haven't been to Kauai you must try their smoothies, I ordered a mango flavored smoothie and it was so refreshing, they are also carb-consious and have amazing vegetarian wraps.