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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

My Skincare Routine

The Victorian Garden
Rosemary and lavender cleansing milk
"A creamy cleansing lotion to assist in removing skin pollutants, dirt and make up"

This cleanser is pretty much everything I need in a cleanser.

The Body Shop
Seaweed clarifying toner

This toner "removes impurities and refines pores"

- perfect! My skin always feels super clean and refreshed after using it.

The Woolworths Treat
Even tone serum
with purple cornflower and vitamin B3

"Targets pigmentation and reduces blemishes"
I have noticed a true reduction in the pigmentation on my face caused by acne and the sun.Loving it.

And my absolute favourite moisturiser. One that I have been using for years is the:
African Extracts Rooibos purifying dual-action moisturiser.

"Anti-shine, helps prevent blemishes while moisturising"
It is also great as a replacement for a primer.

What is incredible about this entire routine is that not one of these products test on animals!