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Friday, 25 March 2016

2 Elizabeth Arden products you should own

The Eight Hour Cream

The Eight Hour Cream comes in many forms such as lip balm, face, body and hand cream but what all beauty guru's have in their make up bag is the original.
It is like a high end vasiline that you can use for, well, pretty much anything.
I use it for: eyebrow gel, lipbalm, I sometimes put it on areas of my eyes that I want to iilluminate, on very dry skin days I add it to my moisturiser (just a tiny bit) and use it to heal my cracked waitress feat.

The Visible Difference Peel and Reveal Revitalizing Mask

This is a skin peel that pretty much does what it's  lengthy name promises.
Just today I had a terrible skin day and after thoroughly cleansing my skin with Garniers new cleansing water I applied the mask with the provided applicator and allowed the mask to dry while my skin was reaping the benefits of the mask. I then simply peeled away my dry flaky skin, clogged pores and oily patches and felt so refreshed after as though I'd just cone hone from a facial my skin felt so smooth and clean.


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Why I love dark chocolate: 5 benefits

5 Benefits of Dark Chocolate:
  • It tastes delicious - instead of simply reaching for a Snickers only true chocolate lovers know to enjoy quality dark chocolate - I suggest Lindt the 75 percent but any higher and it may taste to you a little too bitter.

  • It contains more cocoa without the sugary stuff which apparently lowers cholesterol.

  • It makes you happy - I think everyone is happy when they are about to bite into a delicious block of Dark chocolate but dark chocolate especially raises your serotonin levels.

  • It's nutritious containing fibre, iron, etc 

  • It's filled with antioxidants - an elderly lady once advised me to "wear sunscreen, drink red wine and eat dark chocolate consistently"
Remember not to eat too much in one sitting as it still contains a lot of calories - though it can't be more than the Mc Donalds burger you'll have for dinner - just kidding


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Wine tasting at Cape Point Vineyards

I treated my cousin Jade to wine tasting which was something she had never done before but in the end said that it was totally worth it paired with our explorations of the area and the beautiful view of Noordhoek. If you plan to visit the area anytime soon it is definitely for the books.
Apon wine tasting we tried, each were the Cape Point Vineyards wines made by winemaker Duncan Savage, the Souvinon Blanc Reserve, the Semillon, the Isleidh (named after the owners granddaughter how cute and is a mixture of sauvinon blanc and semillon) as well as their Cabernet sauvinon. Both jade and I found that the cabernet was a bit drying on the pallate after drinking several white wines which held a strong mineral backbone.

Our favourite wine by far was the Semillon. Thus of course i had to buy it for Jade as an extra birthday gift. I love to spoil.

Ella had a blast and so did we there were play areas on the extremelly large amount of grass where Ella picked a beautiful purple flower for her mommy and then proceded to do the same but with a leaf haha she had the same enthusiasm and everything.

Sunday's diary: a bit of wine

Top from woolworths. Bag from cotton on. Whereas the shoes i cant be sure.

Today was blissful, it was a lovely Sunday to say the least. I spent it at Cape Point Vineyards where myself, my cousin and my adorable little neice went wine tasting. We also soaked in the gorgeous view and conveniently made use of the play are for little Ella.
Today I found happiness with endless laughter (perhaps indused by the wine) and child like fun while still maintaining a sense of classiness as it was a upmarket place.
Though I found confidence within myself and we all know how difficult that is while being a girl in this day and age - it was nice, refreshing and freeing.
I came home feeling rejuvinated and..well a little tipsy.