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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Baggy blue jeans and lacy crop top.
Jeans are from edgars and crop top is from woolworths.
This is a little OTD.
I've decided to do these often including a little bit about my day sort of like a diary.
I finally am so close to getting my British passport though it was not easy at all I had to finda ccountersign a ture which is someone who pretty much legitimises the information that I have given to the embassy which was not too simple as he had to have a british passport had to be in a profession and had to have known me for longer than two years as well as someone who is not related to me or lives with me. Now I am lucky enough to know only two people that fit the description but for a lot of people living outside of England I cam see how that would be difficult. What a pain. But I am getting closer to having my passport in the palm of my hands and then I will be able to fly off to Germany! I can't wait!
I hope to leave by the end of April or sometime in May so let'spray that eeverything goes smoothly and that this day wasn't a waste.


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