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In Response To “Bloggers Versus Influencers In The Beauty Industry” By One Stiletto At A Time

Before reading this blog post please read Bloggers Versus Influencers In The Beauty Industry by a fellow Capetonian Abby Buchanan owner of the blog One Stiletto At A Time  for the relevance of this content.

I stumbled across Abby’s lovely blog at exactly 9pm Friday evening (I know - what else would I be doing on a Friday evening other than reading blogs - I hope someone out there can relate!) luckily as I soaked in some really good blog posts by some amazing bloggers - “Bloggers Versus Influencers In The Beauty Industry” was definitely one of them. An insightful read that I think I read more than once to be honest. I desperately wanted to leave a comment but as I was typing it out realized that it was far too large of a comment and thus I had the bright idea to dedicate an entire blog post to it!

Let’s begin:

There are definitely still influencers today and Abby is completely correct in saying that they hold a large responsibility that involves trust and the correct information.
That being said the ratio of bloggers definitely outweigh the ratio of influencers online - not many view it this way due to the popularity of influencers - there is a much larger amount of smaller blogs with less viewers than there are of influencers with large numbers of viewers - I believe that this should definitely be taken into consideration when marketing comes into play - the millions of smaller bloggers are just as important as the number of influencers because when you put us all together - as little page views as we individually have - we are one very large community.

What makes you an influencer definitely involves being authentic, honest and transparent but one major factor would have to be relatability - for example I chose to read Abby’s blog because I recognized that she is a fellow Capetonian - this is something we have in common - similar to beauty content that involves reviews on products that are affordable written by bloggers who admit to being on a budget - this will attract readers who are also on a budget as this is a common factor and the content becomes useful to the reader. Therefor there are no grounds, any one can become an influencer albeit not in the eyes of PR companies.

Commentary: Abby points out that PR companies view a blog and immediately decide that that blog is not popular due to the lack of comments it has received and that at the same time commentary is dying - this (as a new blogger) left me quite surprised and was definitely not something I had picked up on while starting out - it seems to be a glitch in the system of our perfect blogging world.
Abby continues to mention “generic comments” - these being bloggers who leave comments without really reading the content and then advertising their own blog by leaving a link - with that I am truly lucky in this instance because I am a small blogger and those who do leave comments on my blog are already “true readers”. I am not apposed to bloggers leaving a link to their blogs on comments at all (this is not relevant when it is clear that the content hadn’t been read which can be quite discouraging) I am for it for many reasons, one being that it is easier to build a relationship with the reader, you are able to see exactly who your reader is and whether you relate to them, by simply clicking on their link - to be honest I don’t think I’d ever not be nosey as to who my readers are and I will always want to be able to communicate with them. I believe great friendships can be made in the blogging community!

I’d definitely have to say that blogging has had a vast change over the years, whereas before it was more common to blog about our innermost feelings which we found therapeutic we now use it to group our daily lives and interests onto one space, a space that is aesthetic and organized much different to our chaotic lives - either way blogging has always been an outlet and a very therapeutic one - we also find it so very important and alleviating to simply be heard by someone other than the person standing next to us. That being said that also creates the sense of need to be popular, to raise those page views, and then on top of that we were suddenly given the opportunity where money comes into play and this is where the toxidity and unauthentic ways of the blogging world can arise.

While reading Abby’s blog I noted that she focuses on what PR companies consider to be influencers and she raises many valid points on where they go wrong, she also points out how influencial influencers are to the younger generation - millennials - I will admit that I did not stick to many aspects of the blogs content but simply added commentary and opinion that relates more to me.

Please let me know of what you thought of Abby's blog post and of my response.



  1. A blog comment should always link back to their blog (if they have one). Click the name ...
    I think Abby was objecting to a comment which was purely for link dumping, and with no engagement with her content.

    1. I completely agree Diana!

      I had no idea that you could find a readers blog info by clicking on their name - I think that might only be relevant for Blogger users, many use wordpress or other formats. Also links are easier as we won't be redirected too far from the original post.


    2. Yes, I have no problem with fellow bloggers leaving a link but don't just do it to get traffic i.e Link dumping as Diana said. I've discovered some excellent blogs that way but engage and care about the content.

  2. I was so happy to read your post because this is exactly what the blogging community should be about. Engaging and really are learning from each other. The blogging world is constantly changing but that community aspect shouldn't nor should ones care for their readers. Write for ones readers not the PRs.

    I hope to see more blog posts from you soon :)

    1. Thank you so much Abby! It means the world to me!
      I completely agree and writing for ones readers is so important.


  3. This was such an interesting read! You made so many good points! I really love your blog <3

  4. beautiful post :) Your blog is so interesting to read!
    And you look gorgeous!!

    - Marina

  5. What a pretty blog you have! This post was also very interesting to read! Keep doing your thing, girl! xx

    Angela |

  6. Such an interesting post to read!

    Mihaailo |

  7. In one year of my blogging I have found so many blogs just by the links left on so many other blog comments. There are so many genuine people who will actually spend time and read your post and then comment. Of course there are some who just comment to leave a link. We can understand that by reading the comments haha! Besides leaving links is good for your blog as well as the other bloggers where the back link is generated and it good for SEO purposes. Please correct me if I am wrong here. I have read at so many places that backlink is important. For very long time I only used to leave comment without the link. :-) Thanks for sharing.

    Via |

    1. I'm really not sure but will definitely do more research on why it helps to leave your link, all of the blogs I read are because of backlinks so I'm all for it.

      No problem thanks for commenting xx


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