Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Constantia Glen

Another wine tasting blog.

Constantia Glen has become a more recent favourite of mine, the wine is spectacular along with their platters, it is also close to home so not a far journey to enjoy my favourite things.

I have visited the estate quite a few times, the difference between Constantia Glen and most wine estates is that it is more like a restaurant as well with platters, salads and light meals - you are able to sit comfortably and still receive a full wine tasting. - most wine estates restaurants are separate to their wine tasting.

Constantia Glen is just below Constantia Nek a place with stunning mountainous views. 
I also enjoy how laid back Constantia Glen is, at one point we decided to simply lay on the fresh green grass while sipping our wine and taking in the sun as well as the view (as you will see in the image below, I quickly snapped my two friends doing just that.)



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