Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Estee Lauder, Coco Chanel, Coconut Milk & Coffee

I'm still new here and I want to add some more content that will help you get to know me.

SO let's start off with the obvious flat lay with black background even though I had just done a post about how aesthetically pleasing it is to have a white aesthetic and how to obtain it (Here).

That's simply how I can describe myself as a person, indecisive, impulsive and.. monocrome.

Let's continue..

I will start off with Estee Lauder Double Wear, this is a foundation I have wanted since I was fifteen years old reading beauty blogs and fallling in love with the idea of the product, I then proceeded to get my first job at 17 and yes once I felt that I could start purchasing high end make up I immediately spent my pay check on the Estee Lauder Double Wear, and have been doing so ever since..

I will never forget the excitement of purchasing it for the first time and being so proud of myself, I remember falling in love with the packaging and more so with the product itself. I have been wearing this foundation ever since, if you see me I'm wearing Sand 1w2 by Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.

Anything with Coconut in it. 
I have been using the Coconut Nourishing Body Milk by The Body Shop but it doesn't end there, I love love love anything (food, sweets, chocolate) with coconut in it, cocktails that have coconut liquor such as pinacolada's, Lindor Milk Coconut truffles, even coconut water this list does not end!

Similar story to the coconut, I love anything coffee flavoured and live off of my black coffee throughout the day. When I do work at our office the Nescafe coffee machine is my saving grace, they had vanilla flavoured coffee pods which is by far the bomb (if you're a coffee lover please try it!)
Another thing to try if you are a coffee lover like myself is a iced coffee with almond milk, it is so refreshing and delicious, my absolute favourite is the Gelado with almond milk instead of cows milk @ Vida Cafe (quick and convenient when on the road).

Vogue on Coco Chanel.
I have had this read for a number of years and can safely say I have read it over and over, it is so inspiring to learn how Coco Chanel started as an orphan and worked her way to becoming world renown, how she built her brand, the risks she took, what inspired her and so much more.

I love the imagery the book provides and that it is an easy read yet insightful, I generally read biographies they are my favourit genre and own quite a few but this one tops them all.
It also adds for a great aesthetic when sneaking the cover into flat lays or insta photo's.

I surprisingly love anything with French lyrics, I love the language but sadly can't speak it, it is definitely a goal of mine but I am taking my goals one step at a time so far I've joined a gym, started a blog and next up is doing yoga and learning French.

Favourite musician: Charlotte Cardin


A few more things:

  • Succulents
  • Affordable drug store products that are also quality (especially Catrice).
  • Face mists - I'm using one by the Woolworths brand.

I hope that you enjoyed this read.
I know that its quite a long one but I love a lot of things.
Please let me know what you think I'm missing in life and should love.



  1. I love the Double Wear, but the shade they match me too always seems so warm on me. Major FOMO. I also LOVE anything coconut scented and I drink way too much Nespresso.

    1. Oh no I'm sorry to hear that they always match you with the wrong shade, I'm not always a 1w2 Sand sometimes I have to mix it with Bone or wear Bone by itself. The 1w2 sand is my favourite shade but we all have different skin tones and need to mix it up a bit. I find that when it comes to coconut people either LOVE it or HATE it there's no in between haha.


  2. I like how you added affordable drugstore products that are good quality because same

    I do posts about motherhood beauty and fashion.


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