Thursday, 3 May 2018

White Aesthetic: Instagram & Blog

To start off I'd just like to point out that I'm back!

It takes time before I become inspired to write another post and it seems it took extra long this time around.

I find aesthetic to be so important in the blogging world and when my own surroundings are aesthetically pleasing such as my bedroom I feel so much better, white is the colour that hides away the chaos, it instantly transforms anything and has a more crisp, clean and minimalist affect.

My bedroom is personally white, off white and wood, carpets are black which I find to be a good contrast. I have began editing my photo's on social media with a white finish assuring that I use brightening options as well as clarifying.

Before & After:


I make use of FaceTune, this has a whitening option that is basically meant for making your teeth appear whiter but it can be used to allow the colour to stand out I then use a lighting filter.

I then further edit it on Instagram using the filters Oslo or Melbourne. 

White is also a perfect background when taking photographs for your blog, it allows the content focus to stand out and has a more clean minimalist appearance. 

Before & After:

Please let me know if you agree and what you find to be aesthetically pleasing.



  1. White is always a nice choice for blog photos! I like photos that don't look too perfect or structured. The flatlays that look like the products were just thrown together are always so beautiful.

  2. White is definitely one of my favorite colors as well as blue! Love this post!

    Mihaailo |

    1. Literally why I love your blog so much! The aesthetic is on point xx

  3. So true white instantly lifts and opens...transforms.

  4. I absolutely agree with you here. White is actually aesthetically pleasing and makes the product stand out clear and bright. It makes a lot of difference. I am still learning but white has always been my background as well. :-)

    Via |

    1. I'm so glad that you agree :) I'm also still learning!


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